Top 10 Urban Medical Heroes: True Or False?

1.  Vicks Vaporub

(Status: Not Proven)

Vicks Vaporub


Rubbing Vick VapoRub on the feet and covering with socks as far as anyone knows cures even extreme hack, 100% of times, and works superior to anything physician recommended drugs. In spite of the fact that it’s broadly asserted that the Canada Research Institute has built up this, actually, the subject has not been investigated or tried and has not been demonstrated or opposed.

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2.  John Hopkins Proposition That Dietary And Lifestyle Change Can Cure Cancer

( Status: False)



A sent email is viral everywhere throughout the web that proposes that getting changed way of life and nourishment propensities avoids disease as well as disposes of it. Truth be told, the substance of the email begins with the negative impacts of chemotherapy.

3.  Freezing Or Microwaving Plastic Can Release Carcinogenic Dioxin

(Status: False)



This net legend was created from the gossip about John Hopkins’ disease avoidance paper that should have made such a claim. John Hopkins has expelled this. While solidifying really conflicts with the arrival of chemicals, there is likewise no confirmation that plastic has dioxin that can be discharged either by microwaving or by solidifying.

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4. Bottle Water Left In The Car Can Cause Breast Cancer

(Status: Research Under Process, False As Written)



Sheryl Crow had apparently cautioned against drinking water from warmed plastic containers, according to her nutritionist’s recommendation, which made this gossip significantly more popular. However, Crow later affirmed that she had not rebuked filtered water for her tumor. While contemplates have demonstrated that even the tried jugs may drain mixes into the water content, the substances have so far been found in infinitesimal sums just, which cause no damage to the body.

5.  Lemon, Asparagus, Jack Fruit and Graviola Can Cure Cancer

(Status: False)



The steady shares on Facebook are doing only bring false trusts up in the brains of individuals. In spite of the fact that these foods grown from the ground have been found to have tumor battling potential, in any case, nothing more has been demonstrated. Maybe the most prominent of these as far as anyone knows against cancer-causing natural products is Graviola or soursop organic product with cytotoxic properties.

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6.  Food And Beverage Contaminated With Hiv Can Cause Aids

(Status: False)



A few accounts continue showing up on the web about how individuals have expended pineapples, tomato ketchup, Pepsi, Paani-Puri, and so forth, defiled with HIV-tainted blood or semen, have gotten AIDS. The rundown of such sustenance is expanding each day. In all actuality, AIDS is not a sustenance borne infection. Truth be told, HIV survive outside the human body, and is likewise obliterated via air, warmth and stomach acids.

7.  Looking At A Busty Woman Has Health Benefits For Men

(Status: False)



A few articles can be found about how National Institute of Health has demonstrated that staring at a lady’s bust can build the life expectancy of a male. Be that as it may, there is no such research on the subject. This is most likely simply artificial news coverage or a push to legitimize externalization of ladies out in the open.

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8.  Performing Fellatio Can Help Reduce Risk Of Breast Cancer

(Status: False)



This is another of the parodies, initially distributed to resemble a CNN production by Associated Press, however, 24 hours after its distribution, it was said that the article was implied for ‘excitement purposes as it were’.

9.  Flesh Eating Bananas

(Status: False)



It was reputed that some non-existent Manheim Research Institute had conjectured that bananas imported from Costa Rica conveyed necrotizing fasciitis, or tissue eating microscopic organisms. While the therapeutic condition is an uncommon one brought about by Group A Streptococcus Bacterium that causes strep throat, the sickness can be spread through direct contact with open injuries or discharge from a contaminated individual.

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10.  Noodles Cause Cancer

(Status: False)

Noodles Cause Cancer


Web fables has it that moment noodles have awax covering that can bring about growth. In addition, they come in Styrofoam holders, as well, are fixed with cancer-causing wax. Noodles don’t stick together on account of the way toward cutting the batter and in light of the fact that they are steamed and fricasseed before being pressed. On the off chance that there had been wax, it would inevitably soften away while cooking.