Top 10 Useful Advices For Your First Date

1.  Be Natural




This is one of those things that not a lot of people would tell you, but the truth remains that if you want to be with someone who you probably might end up with then there is not need creating a personality that isn’t just a part of who you truly are, I understand that we always want to make it easy, fun and spontaneous but the facts have it that we shouldn’t loose who we are for temporary satisfaction. Just be the best of you.

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2.  Be Bold




Most ladies love guys who are bold yo express how they truly feel, if you want her to come close and know that you can take care of her then I would tell you this for certain, don’t feel intimidated by her looks, or her material possessions, yes! I know those things could come in handy and scary but if you don’t play the tough guy, you just might loose her.

3.  Speak With Eloquence




Yes! Speak with absolute clarity, every woman wants a man who she would be proud of walking out with, you must build yourself to speaking clearly to people and your words should be properly constructed, in a case where you do not understand don’t feel proud to ask, you just might fumble. Ensure you ask questions where you are not clear.

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4.  Compliments




Oh baby you are looking good, I love your hair, say these things women love to be noticed, you know this date is the first and she would have done mostly everything to look good just got you, it is really important you make her feel like a queen and by the way she is your queen for the night, take your time and make her smile. It would hurt to know that your lady has made so much effort to pleasing you and then you chose to say nothing just because you are shy or something. That would really be sad if you ask me.

5.  Don’t Stare




Give room for her to breath, if you tend to stare at her ensure it is for a good cause, and it must come with a compliment about something you noticed about her, women gets freaked out easily and I am sure you do not want that for your date, keep it simple, look into her eyes once in a while.

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6.  Avoid Your Phone




When you are out with your woman, make sure that your work doesn’t not come into play, keep your phone in the car or leave it on silent. Believe me you do not want her to feel less important when you have those business calls coming in, just keep your mobile away from you as far as possible, this way you can achieve much. This would keep your head in the game, just make her know that with her nothing else matters and that would really make her look forward to another time out with you.

7.  Don’t Be Too Serious




You know sometimes we choose to have this game face on when we are out with our lady, but this time you have to keep it at home and have fun, let her know that you can easily her spoken to, that way you would give her room to tell you things about herself even better, you would be surprised that you would be her shoulder to cry on when in need. Who doesn’t want that?

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8.  Have A Good Laugh




It is good to ways goof around when out on your date unless it’s based on business though, but who said you can have fun on a business date? Well I know I sure would have the best on mine.

9.  The Reminder




After an amazing date, remind her of the key things you both share in common, take a walk off the path and tell her a thing about yourself and make it more discreet than any other, she would appreciate that you also could share things about your life.

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10.  Make Her Feel Safe




Every woman wants to know that she is safe around her man, if you must be on a date ensure that the place is properly cleared and the risk level is reduced to the barest minimum, you don’t want her knowing that you are incapable of handling her safety net, personally I would take her to a quiet place were we can share deep truths.