Top 10 Wealthiest Rappers in the World of 2015

Rappers have the most famous rags to riches success stories. Most of today’s hip-hop legends grew up rapping in the hood. Many of them make it big, but it’s definitely not an easy task. Musicians who can connect with the listeners are the most loved. Rap songs show us the dark side of life and more than likely influence the bad choices in life.

Here is a list of ten wealthiest wrappers as of 2015:

1.  Andre Young A.K.A Dr. Dre

      Estimated Net Worth: $750 million


Andre Young A.K.A Dr. Dre


Dre started his career in 1984 and is now called the rap mogul. He owns many recording companies which helps other rappers to attain stardom. No one would have heard of Snoop Dogg or Eminem if he wasn’t born. He is a major figure in the music industry. Reports state that Apple paid $3 billion to Dre for his brand – Beats by Dr. Dre. The deal increased Dre’s net worth by a whopping $300 million.

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2.  Sean Combs A.K.A Diddy

       Estimated Net Worth: $720 million


Sean Combs A.K.A Diddy


Sean, a rapper, producer, actor and entrepreneur is close to beating the rap mogul. He owns a clothing brand (Sean Jean), a restaurant chain and has helped develop a Vodka brand (Ciroc). The deal with Ciroc has earned him 50% share of the profits of the company. His latest acquisition is a major television network called Revolt TV.

3.  Sean Carter A.K.A Jay Z

       Estimated Net Worth: $600 million


Sean Carter A.K.A Jay Z


With 21 Grammy Awards under his belt, Jay Z is third on the list. Outside music, he is an entrepreneur. He owns his own clothing line called Rocawear and also owns the 40/40 club in New York. He recently got into sports by founding Roc Nation Sports.

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4.  Russell Simmons

       Estimated Net Worth: $350 million


Russell Simmons


Russell began promoting music in his early 20s. He has released music for Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, Public Enemy and many other artists under Def Jam Records. He sold his stake in Def Jam Records to Universal Music studios.

5.  Percy Miller A.K.A Master P

       Estimated Net Worth: $320 million


Percy Miller A.K.A Master P


Percy began his career by rapping at the local club. He earned little money but made a lot of connections. He later founded No Limit Records which helped him get popular. Miller then settled to become an author, filmmaker and a philanthropist.

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6.  Marshall Mathers II A.K.A Eminem


Marshall Mathers II A.K.A Eminem


Eminem is a 21st century rap icon. He shot to fame when Dr. Dre released The Slim Shady in 1999. His career took off in 2000 when he released an album – The marshall Mathers which went on to be the fastest selling album in rap history. Eminem also stars in the movie 8 Mile.

7.  Ronald Williams A.K.A Slim

       Estimated Net Worth: $160 million


Ronald Williams A.K.A Slim


He is probably least known in this list. He didn’t rap much of his career but focused on founding Cash Money Records which produced music for Lil Wayne and other famous faces.

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8.  Bryan Williams A.K.A Birdman

        Estimated Net Worth: $155 million


Bryan Williams A.K.A Birdman


Birdman made his career performing solo. He later helped Slim co found Cash Money Records. Slim is actually Birdman’s elder brother, a little known fact. Their blood relationship helped them succeed with their records.

9.  Dwayne Carter Jr A.K.A Lil Wayne

        Estimated Net Worth: $150 million


Lil Wayne, Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.


Dwayne started his career in New Orleans where he recorded his first solo album with Cash Money Records in 1999. He was only 16 at the time and recorded so that he could support his girlfriend and daughter. The album sold over a million copies. Even though he retired in 2011, he still runs Young Money Records which releases music from Drake and Nicki Minaj.

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10.  Calvin Broadus Jr A.K.A Snoop Dogg

          Estimated Net Worth: $130 million


Calvin Broadus Jr A.K.A Snoop Dogg


Snoop began his career in 1993, his first song was ranked 200 in Billboard R&B charts. Next year he was certified 4x platinum and topped many Hip-Hop charts. Snoop dog was always told that he was the reincarnation of reggae legend Bob Marley. Snoop runs Leafs, a cannabis brand. It is the first mainstream cannabis brand in the world and Snoop is proud to be a pioneer.