Top 10 Weird Awards You Have Never Heard Of

When it comes down to it, everyone wants to win a award. They are a symbol that you have the ability to do something right. However some rewards are stranger than others. Whether it be for the fact that the rewards are for something strange, or that they are actually given to someone for doing something wrong. Here are 10 weird awards you have never heard of.

1.  Golden Raspberry Award


Golden Raspberry Award


The Golden Raspberry Award is the opposite of the oscars. As the oscars award great movies that people love, this award rewards movies that people don’t like. Only the worst of the worst of movies will win a Golden raspberry.


2.  Bent Spoon Award


Bent Spoon Award


The bent spoon award was made by the  Australian Skeptics in 1982. The point of the Award is to show people who make impossible claims with no evidence to it what so ever.

3.  Stinky Shoe Award


Stinky Shoe Award


Yes this is in fact a award. This award is given to those who have horrible smelling shoes. But why does this award exist and who came up with it? Well the origin of this award is the fact that it was inspired by  Sneaker Contest, A contest used to help local shoe stores sell products. In 1988, odor eaters saw this and began to run the events. Since then, the contest has been to see who has the worst smelling shows, and the winner gets the award.

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4.  Golden Collar Awards


Golden Collar Awards


You know the academy awards? The ones given to people for making amazing movies? Yeah, now imagine that for dogs. That is right, the Golden Collar Awards are in fact the academy award for dogs. This award was made in 2012 by Dog News Daily in order to give recognition to dogs they have appeared in movies and T.V shows.

5.  The Ernie Awards


The Ernie Awards


There are sometimes men who don’t know what is what. And when they don’t they earn a Ernie Award. This award is given to those who a very misogynistic in their personality. Named after the Australian secretary   Ernie Ecob, this award is pretty much used to show who is misogynistic or not.

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6.  The Foot In Mouth Award


The Foot In Mouth Award


The term “Foot in Mouth” is a way of saying that you have said something really stupid. And that is what this award is about. It is about rewarding people who say the dumbest things. The biggest winner of this award by far is the former president George Bush. One of his best sayings was “I know what I believe. I will continue to articulate what I believe and what I believe – I believe what I believe is right.”

7.  Ig Nobel Prize


Ig Nobel Prize


This prize is usually described by the line “first make people laugh, and then make them think”. This prize is rewarded to those who can make people both laugh and learn something. Some of these awards were given to people like Brian Witcombe for his piece on “Sword Swallowing and Its Side Effects.” What one him the award was the fact the he put sore throat as one of the side effects of Sword Swallowing.


8.  Stella Award


Stella Award


The stella award is given to those who make the dumbest lawsuits you can think of. Many of these lawsuits range from Stella Liebeck suing McDonald’s when she spilled their coffee on her lap, which was described as way too hot. In fact Stella was able to win the lawsuit against McDonalds and won  $640,000.

9.  The Bad Sex in Fiction Award


The Bad Sex in Fiction Award


The title of this award should make what it is about pretty obvious. This reward began in 1993, to show who has had the worst description of sex in their novel in that year. The award was made by Rhoda Koenig and Auberon Waugh, both who have worked in literature.

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10.  The Darwin Award


The Darwin Award


The Darwin Award is given to anyone who kills themselves by accident. However the accident must be something incredibly dumb, dumb enough to defy common sense. The reward was named after the late scientist Charles Darwin, who developed the theory of evolution. In short, it is a reward showing natural selection in work.