Top 10 Wicked Women In Nazi Concentration Camps

During the course of war over 5,000 female guards who were on same level with their male counterparts served in various guard positions in German camp and they portray savagery, brutality, violence, murderousness etc. Below is a list of 10 wicked women:-

  1. Maria Mandel “The Beast”
  2. Ruth Closius Neudeck
  3. Hildegard Lachert “Bloody Brigette”
  4. Herta Bothe “Sadist of Stutthoff”
  5. Juana Bormann “The Woman with the Dogs”
  6. Ilse Koch “The Witch of Buchenwald”
  7. Alice Orlowski
  8. Greta Bosel
  9. Dorothea Binz “La Binz”
  10. Wanda Klaff

1.  Maria Mandel “The Beast”




She was named female commandant of the notorious Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp because she has held positions at a variety of camps. Having already honed her skills by meting out punishments at other camps, Mandel fell into step there quickly and is believed between 1942 and 1945 to have been directly responsible for the deaths of 500,000 prisoners.

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2.  Ruth Closius Neudeck




She arrived in 1944 and she rose meteorically through the ranks, after a while she was being assigned the rank of camp leader at one Ravensbruck’s camps. One of her prisoners testified at her trial that they watched her slit the neck of another prisoner with the sharpened end of a shovel. Following the war, she fled yet was captured, tried and eventually executed for her crimes.

3.  Hildegard Lachert “Bloody Brigette”




She developed a reputation for brutality during her service at Ravensbruck Majdanek and Auschwitz. Following the war, she was sentenced to 15 years for her service at Auschwitz, although she was released in 1956 having served only 9 years. Her freedom was short however, because in 1975 she was tried for participating in the selection process, releasing her dog onto inmates and general abuse and was sentenced to an additional 12 years.

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4.  Herta Bothe “Sadist of Stutthoff”




She was s nurse who obviously forgot the healing touch. She served the greater part of the war at the Stutthoff camp near Danzig. She was captured at Bergen-Belsen, the place where she oversaw a wood detail after evacuating Stutthoff in the midst of the advancing Soviets. Her crimes apparently did not accumulate to the level of some of her co-workers so instead of hanging, she was sentenced to 10 years in prison although she served merely 6 before receiving clemency from the British government.

5.  Juana Bormann “The Woman with the Dogs”




She joined the Auxiliary SS in 1939 to “earn more money.” From then on her career took her through some of the most notorious of Germany’s camps among them Ravensbruck, Auschwitz and Bergan-Belsen where she was stationed at the close of the war. She was well known for having the German shepherd which accompanied her attack the prisoners.

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6.  Ilse Koch “The Witch of Buchenwald”




She was not a guard, but her husband Karl Koch was the commander of Buchenwald and later Majdanek. Using the power that his position granted her, she developed a reputation for cruelty which was nothing short of unbelievable. She was known to meet prisoners upon their arrival to inspect them for interesting or attractive tattoos.

7.  Alice Orlowski




She was prominent for whipping prisoners across the eyes which was not alone torturing but as well as in many instances rendered them unfit for work and caused their extermination. An additional dangerous act she enjoys was throwing the children on top of the other prisoners that is sent to the gas chambers in a “space saving operation.” In 1945, with the war almost over, she appeared to have turned over a new leaf.

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8.  Greta Bosel




She was a nurse and in 1939 worked at Ravenbruck concentration as a “work input overseer.” Essentially what this meant was that she was among those who determined which prisoners would be instantly gassed and which would likely be sent to work camps. Apparently her hypothesis was right in line with that of the Nazi hierarchy since she quoted as having said of the prisoners. “If they cannot work let the rot.”

9.  Dorothea Binz “La Binz”




In 1939 she began a career as a concentration camp guard eventually rising through the ranks to become deputy chief wards at Ravensbruck and later Buchenwald. Described by the prisoners as “unyielding.” She was well known to beat, shoot and whip the females in her charge.

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10.  Wanda Klaff




She had previously worked in a jam factory until she was assigned to Stutthoff in 1944 where she served until the conclusion of the war in 1945. She was caught by polish officials, that same year she was tried and later on executed for her crimes. She is quoted as saying, “I am highly intelligent and very devoted to my work in the camps. I struck at least two prisoners every single day.”