Top 10 Wonderful Oases That Will Make You Love The Desert

1.  Pica, Chile


Pica, Chile


The Pica springs measures a whooping 62 km south-east of Pozo Almonte, 114 km south-east of Iquique and, at an amazing altitude of 1,400 meters above sea level. The imagination of a thermal waters rising at a temperature of approximately 32.8°C is almost rare if not for glaring evidences of nature like this pica oasis in Chile which declares nature as the overall best in beauty. The orchards in the Pica Oasis, Pica hot springs which can be visited all year makes this location a constant visit of hungry tourists.


2.  Chebika Oasis, Tunisia


Chebika Oasis, Tunisia


located at the foot of the Djebel el Negueb Mountains, , the historical mountain oasis of Chebika popularly reffered to as “Qasr el-Shams,” which is the Arabic phrase for “Castle of the Sun,” is truly an exceptionally radiant and unique paradise Located in the Tozeur Governance of Tunisia is one humble sight to behold.

3.  Huacachina, Peru


Huacachina, Peru


Well, our number three spot is a village (with a permanent population of about 100 people) in southwestern Peru, in the Ica Province, which has itself built around a micro oasis and surrounding it are sand. The oasis is a picture you can’t miss on the overturn of the 50 Nuevo Sol note.

This outstanding oasis (also called oasis of America) which serves as a proud host to tens of thousands of tourists’ year in, year out is built just around a mini natural lake in the desert and also serving as a resort for local families from the close city Ica.

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4.  Zulganai Oasis, Mongolia


Zulganai Oasis, Mongolia


Zulganai oasis is one oasis to reckon with. Not far from Khermen tsav canyon in Umnugobi province of southern Mongolia this beautiful sight sits majestically. Zulganai River as it is popularly known has majestically dense forest complimented with cane and willow.  The nature view of a river running just on edge of sand dunes makes the Zulganai oasis one of the most beautiful and fascinating oasis in the historical records of oasis.

5.  Nubra Valley, India


Nubra Valley, India


To the north east of Ladakh valley in India is situated a tri-armed valley beautifully sits the Nubra valley. According to ancient historians, the original name of this valley was said to have been ‘Ldumra’ which literarily translates as ‘the valley of flowers’. The Shyok River kisses the Nubra or Siachan River to give way to an excessively wide valley which demarcates both the Ladakh and Karakoram Ranges.

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6.  Ein Gedi, Israel


Ein Gedi, IsraelSource:

A scriptural location because it was mentioned in the bible, Ein Gedi though well known or better known as an oasis in the beautiful garden also called the garden of Eden, the historical wilderness situated at the west of dead sea in Judean desserts also known for being located in the middle of Masada and Qumran caves also in the land of the Israelites. This location is a must visit for lovers of nature and religious scholars who would like to have a feel of history.

7.  Fish Spring National Wildlife Refuge, Utah


Fish Spring National Wildlife Refuge, Utah


This location at the Southern end of Salt Lake desert In the Juab District Utah was formerly the antiquated Lake of Bonneville which unfortunately no longer exists. Surrounded by unplanned extensions of beaches, the uncommon nature of the oasis in the middle of  a dry land sure caused attractions to a couple of living creatures including birds and human being alike.

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8.  Siwa Oasis, Egypt


Siwa Oasis, Egypt


It’s almost unimaginable to think of olive and palm trees in a dead zone in the Libyan Desert 560 Kms from Cairo but the fact is that Siwa oasis does exists and it exist at this location.  The name “Siwa” etymologically implies defender of the Egyptian Sun God Amon-Ra. Originally, The desert garden is associated with a couple of Greek history as well as ancients claims including the story that the magical Siwa oasis which brags of a pool where ancient ruler Cleopatra is believed to have swum according to legend. The distinction of Siwa oasis can be observed  in the daily living and life pattern of its local people, these includes their unique dialects, special traditions, mode of dressing amongst others .

9.  Seba Oasis, Libya


Seba Oasis, Libya


Sabha has not only become a city  in South Western Libya but the host of a desert spring that glitters  in the center of the Sahara desert which is undoubtedly the  biggest desert in the universe. One can never deny that the sight of tall green palm trees that usually stand erected amidst the sharp yellow looking sand is one of the most beautiful pictures the sight could behold in a life time; a visit to the Seba Oasis is sure one of a life time rare experience that will cause the heart a happy treat.

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10.  Lake, China


Lake, China


On our number ten for the list of oasis that will make you fall exceptionally with the desert is the amiable old desert spring situated in the Dunhuang city of China, this beautiful sight is located in the middle of Gobi desert.  You could enjoy the most convenient camel ride, enjoy nourishing relaxation exercise and enjoy a full moon light at night all in one location.