Top 10 WWE Diva Wrestlers of All Time

1.  Torrie Wilson




She has the body of the next rated model, she is sexy and has good looks at all time. She is one of the most sought after divas who has taken the screens and with no competition she rocked the ring for over seven years, she has greased the brands on Playboy magazine and FHM of which she was made the cover girl. She is not only as good as I speak you should check her match out and see what a diva can do.

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2.  Bull Nakano




She is not my personal favorite but she does it like no other, the Japanese major who has won the hearts of her fans, she started off in 1994 with her mind focused on the price, she has always wanted to win the Women’s Championship title, Bull Nakano has finally won herself a title which is the Egg Dome which she held for a while, approximately four months and counting.

3.  Ivory




I don’t think I have what it takes to fight like her, by the way, I am way too young to rock this boat, she has a man figure but that has not stopped her from the game she loves. Ivory has been a competitor for more than two decades and counting, she was a fighter in other competitions before coming to the WWE and this was a tremendous change in her career. She loves her bikini and this is one attraction left for me.

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4.  Kelly Kelly




We all love a good Kelly in those bikinis, she has always chalked up four stellar years with WWE and she is still not old enough legally to rent a car. Kelly has come back to the championship in her debut opening and this was an incredible presence as the crowd loved her. You should know something about her is the fact that she is from Florida, call her the American hero she is. She knows how to cheer the people who are seen as her fans.

5.  Jacqueline




Hmm! She is black and she is pretty not only with the belt but in the ring, she has got so much energy to win. Like we all know you cannot be a hero without a villain in the picture, in her case she found a villain which she put to rest giving her the title she has been looking for. She has always been into the matches and coming to WWE wasn’t really much of a big deal to her as she made the wins look easy.

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6.  Vickie Guerrero




WrestleMania has never been the same with a ladies like Vickie and her likes, they have changed the game and stolen the show from most of the men, in the case of Vicki she is one that has ended the long talks on the competition and this lead to her win as the Miss WrestleMania, she was surprised but yet composed and ready for the coming opponent, I love this action woman.

7.  Molly Holly




When I said I loved women I was certain about this, this woman has given me a reason to love her, as we know most WWE divas crave the spotlights but not in the case of Molly Holly, her name sounds weird though but it sure does the work. I love the fact that she is passionate about what she does and this is the way to go. She has won tiles which include the two-time reign as Women’s Champion.

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8.  Stacy Keibler




The woman with style, she has got an amazing smile which has given her a welcoming look; this is why we all love her. If you don’t love her that would not be a problem, other people do. So don’t take it too personal okay?

9.  Beth Phoenix




Who answers a name like this? The challenge is not even about the name but about the fact that she has a man figure and the way she fights is nothing like a lady.

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10.  Miss Elizabeth




She is not the queen but she could be the princess in the ring, she is one of the divas that have changed the watching experience for many of us that did not get close to our tv screens.