Top 12 Black Beaches From Around the World

1.  Punalu’u, Hawaii, USA


Punalu’u, Hawaii, USA


On our number one for this list is no other but Punalu’u (the Back Sand Beach), Located on the Big Island of the Hawaiian chain, formed from basalt sand deposited by lava flowing into the ocean and exploding as it cool down. The beauty of Punalu’u can never be over emphasized. Spinner dolphins, humpback whales, the Green Sea turtle, the Hawksbill turtle and many others are not strangers on the shores of the Black sand beach.


2.  Agios Georgios, Santorini, Greece


Agios Georgios, Santorini, Greece


Santorini, a volcanic caldera boasts of varieties of colorful beaches. The island is which was created around 1600 BC by an eruption. Surrounded by ancient town like Pompeii, down to Perivolos there we find Agios Georgios, the ebony sand beach perfect for swimming and diving, its crystal-clear water is warmed by the volcano. The extra warm sun in this area makes it a perfect summer getaway just rub the sunscreen!

3.  Muriwai Beach, New Zealand


Muriwai Beach, New Zealand


Muriwai famous in the Auckland Region of New Zealand on the North Island, the area has silty black sand (from the iron content in the silt from ancient Kaipara volcanoes ), the beach is quite famous for surfing.

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4.  El Bollullo Beach, Tenerife, Canary Islands


El Bollullo Beach, Tenerife, Canary Islands


The Canary Islands, northwest coast of Africa, volcanic and composing of basalt, Tenerife island, the largest  is a host to the El Bollullo beach, north of Puerto de la Cruz. The longest beach Valle Gran Rey is on La Gomera has,while  La Palma is hosts to Los Cancajos( black sand beach), El Golfo beach on Lanzarote (formed during a volcanic explosion. All these beaches are just breathtaking vacation places.

5.  Lovina Beach, Bali


lovina Beach


In the Pacific Ocean rests another volcanic island; Bali, a location with black sand beaches. Unlike the white sand beaches on the south side of this special island, Lovina Beach (on the northern shore) arouse as a result of lava flow from Mount Agung. Quiet, calm and serene, Lovina Beach has dolphins come play at the surf, swimmers find special solace in the water with a local fishing community not far off, Candikusumah, Pantai Rening and Balian  will also offer ebony beach lovers a cool view of black sand seascapes.

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6.  Cahuita Beach, Costa Rica


Cahuita Beach, Costa Rica


Not far from the small city of Cahuita, seats one of Costa Rica only living reefs, rainforests, tropical climate, with Afro Caribbean culture, known for dessert crepes, varieties of grilled chicken all in a park that boast of some 55,000 marine acres not to mention the black dunes and lots of fun, take me south to Cahuita!

7.  Anse Ceron, Martinique


Anse Ceron, Martinique


Four magnificent sand beaches; Anse Ceron  rests at the northern part, with a mini island (“the Pearl”) , Anse Couleuvre, Anse Noire and Playa de St. Pierre (the only black stretch sand beach on the part) has beautiful black sands an evidence of past volcanic occurrence. Divers and snorkelers would fall in love with any of the four beaches.

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8.  Point Venus Beach, Tahiti


Point Venus Beach, Tahiti


Tahiti is a must mention in the topic of black beaches. The island’s built its wide spread from two beautiful features; being the largest island in Windward Islands, French Polynesia and that it has beautiful dark sands. Tahiti is known to have erupted through the influence of volcanic activity. Lafayette Beach, Plage de Toaroto and Point Venus Beach are all part of Tahiti’s black sand beaches.

9.  Anse Chastanet, Saint Lucia


Anse Chastanet, Saint Lucia


Unlike most Caribbean islands with shinny white sand, Saint Lucia one of the rarest location housing a special of its kinds(sand beach), worthy of been called a tropical paradise, housing elegant black sand beaches as well including Anse Chastanet, Soufriere Beach (which has a highly variable amount of traffic) and Anse Couchon. Saint Lucia is a volcanic mountainous island; standing at a highest peak of 3,120 feet above sea level is at any level of elevation, a mind blowing view.

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10.  Vik, Iceland


Vik, Iceland


Iceland isn’t a place we could rest on for beaches but in the village of Vik one can find the basalt beach which is quite fiery, not for the fearful but the brave because of the location which is constantly under eruptions and flash flooding threat. Black sand from Vik is an evidence of Katla volcano not far off (its last eruption was in 1918).

11.  Shelter Cove, California, USA


Shelter Cove, California, USA


Shelter Cove, California is one of the few unbelievable places which nature had decided to place some of its rare endowments. located in California’s Lost Coast , Secluded and calm shelter Cove can be reached only by the means of plane, the king range road (a small mountain road) or by boat. Shelter cove in California, USA boasts of a 3.5 miles beach area with no other colored but black beach sands for its explorer to enjoy, Black Sands Beach state park is famous for its hikers and serene environment loving travelers.  This location passes for an idea quiet vacation location.

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12.  Samyang Beach, Jeju, Korea


Samyang Beach, Jeju, Korea


With its location no other place but the Korean Strait, situated off the coast of South Korea, Jeju finds itself located in a volcanic island (having 360 satellite volcanoes) which is covered by Halla Mountain. Volcanic soil and the black sand which forms Samyang Beach is so Halla. Although Samyang’s sands are confirmed to be smoother, softer and finer than that of Jungmun beach with believe of the sand to inhibit strong healing powers.