Top 15 Artificial Islands – Amazing Man-Made Islands

1.  The Palm Islands , Dubai


The Palm Islands , Dubai


The palm island is a name that has become a household name simply because of how much it has become known amongst citizens, travelers and tourists all over the world. A very great spot for getaway, holiday or honey moon,   Palm Islands consists of two simulated islands, one is Palm Jumeirah and the other is Palm Jebel Ali sitting in woo and wonder on the shoreline of Dubai, in United Arab Emirates. Palm Jumeirah was the only one completed as of November 2014 but it is a classic wonder to behold.

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2.  The Lady of the Rocks, Montenegro


The Lady of the Rocks, Montenegro


Situated in the Bay Of Kotor, Our Lady of the Rocks is one of the two islets off the bank of Perast in Bay of Kotor, Montenegro). It is a manufactured island made by rampart of rocks and by sinking old and seized ships stacked with rocks. The Roman Catholic Church of Our Lady of the Rocks (Italian: Chiesa della Madonna dello Scarpello) is the biggest expanding on the islet; it has a historical center connected. There is likewise a little blessing shop near the congregation and a route light at the western end of the islet.

3.  Tokyo Disneyland in Urayasu, japan


Tokyo Disneyland in Urayasu, japan


The manmade Islands are no other but the artificial islands found within the property of Tokyo Disneyland located in Urayasu. A beautiful get away location not only for kids but fun loving adults.

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4.  MOSE Project, Italy


MOSE project, Italy


The Mose project, an artificial island created intentionally in Lido.  This was as part of the flood defenses for Venice at the time of its creation.

5.  Shek Pik Reservoir


Shek Pik Reservoir


This artificial manmade island was simply a former knoll in the Shek Pik Reservoir.

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6.  Macau Ferry Terminal , China


Macau Ferry Terminal , China


When you hear the name; Macau Ferry Terminal , be sure that this is an artificial island which is simply connected by a skyway which leads to another manmade island that leads one again to further connect one by another skyway to no other place but the prestigious  Shun Tak Centre.

7.  Inspiration Lake, Penny’s Bay


Inspiration Lake, Penny's Bay


There is an artificial island right in the artificial Inspiration Lake which host the former Penny’s Bay.

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8.  Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Honk Kong


Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre  Honk Kong


Just right there, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre officiated a new wing on a created artificial island which is off the coast of its old wing right in Wan Chai.

9.  Dongjiang Island, China


Dongjiang Island, China


Found in Tianjin, Dongjiang, is an island in Baha’i, situated near Beijing. The33.5 Km² Island was created basically for the purpose of cargo transfer as well as wetlands reconstruction.

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10.  The Ontario Place East and West Island, Toronto, Ontario


The Ontario Place East and West Island, Toronto, Ontario


Right there in the heart of Toronto, Ontario seats a man made creation, the Ontario Place East and West Island and yes! They’re worth any visit.

11.  René-Levasseur Island Canada


René-Levasseur Island Canada


When you are visiting Canada, you might not have necessarily have it in mid that an island could exist anywhere within the developed location but trust me, the man made René-Levasseur Island, although historically was an impact crater which was found in Quebec,  It was in isolation before the two previously existing natural lakes got connected through the creation of the Manicouagan Reservoir. I bet you don’t want to miss this eye sight of amazement in form of an island.

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12.  Bahrain Bay


Bahrain Bay


The Bahrain Bay is also amazing and a complementary handmade island which is also situated in Bahrain. Great holiday getaway spot as well.

13.  Reef Island, Bahrain


Reef Island, Bahrain


The Reef Island which is known as Lulu Island as well by many visitors is one branded handmade Island you don’t want to miss visiting when you are in Bahrain.

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14.  Donauinsel Island, Austria


Donauinsel Island, Austria


The Donauinsel Island situated in Austria is an island which measures about twenty (20) kilometers in length and a whopping and amazing two hundred (200) meters in width. This edifice is found in the Danube (Vienna).

15.  Heirisson Island Australia


Heirisson Island Australia


The Heirisson Island found within the Swan River in Western Australia  was originally created from a smaller set of islands which previously existed in the area via reclamation.