Top Male Models: 10 Extremely Sexy Creatures

1.  Matthew Terry


Matthew Terry


Oh yes! On our number one for this list is no other but Matthew Terry, who wouldn’t drool over that abs? It’s no news that Calvin Klein got a jackpot hit during super bowl just as model Matthew Terry became a national celebrity within few seconds after his shirtless torso became an object of admiration across American TV screens . That moment, and a star was born. His famous Calvin Klein underwear ads speedily spread to billboards, taxis, TVs, and it’s no surprise he landed the golden apple of modeling contracts: which was a campaign for Calvin Klein’s Dark Obsession fragrance. “The Super Bowl turned my life upside down,” Terry once confessed. Well, why not, this cute jersey guy is sure our top sexiest creature, he’s got the shape, look, charisma and of course the body (or torso) to die for.

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2.  Rob Evans


Rob Evans


when Evans was announced as one of the judges of America’s Next Top Model, I saw him as a distraction as well as an intimidation of course it’s for no other reason, he’s to die for , yes! Those female models must inhibit a heart of iron as Rob Evans would have made a murder out of the hearts of the ever attracted crowd and yes , some participants too (wink)  who wouldn’t love caramel , honey comb  the creamy yummy ice creams? There is no doubt that this hot model that in 2010 walked exclusively for Givenchy Men’s s/s is a sexy creature fit for our number two slot.

3.  Chad White


Chad White


Chad has been described as extremely charming amongst other sweet adjectives used in describing this sexy who is known for having walked for the top gun of the fashion industry including, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Dsquared, among others. Chad is that prototype of a knight in shinny armor which most ladies see only in their dream.

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4.  David Gandy


David Gandy


David is like old wine, he improves with time and sure we can’t but accept this rare and almost unbelievable truth as David head for his 40th (he’s sure above his mid thirties now), he never stops nailing the good stuffs in his industry. Dave is sure a sexy creature worthy to behold.

5.  Sean O’Pry


Sean O’Pry


Sean O’Pry is sure a cute precious thing (yes, I dare to sound like that, lol), but seriously, Sean is not only cute and sexy because he was Forbes Most Successful Model in the year 2009, but yes, he’s got those skills on runway and he sure does know how to do his thingy and who dares deny that Sean is one of the most sexy creatures.

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6.  Serge Rigvava


Serge Rigvava


it’s not a matter of age, yes Serge Rigvava is hot undoubtedly sexy to (I hope I’m not been arrested for child abuse, lol, the dude is 16 already). Serge after been pronounced winner of Elite Model Look Austria 2014 has continued to compete league of top male models and the big guys in the industry in such a little time, thanks to that sexy look.

7.  Simon Nessman


Simon Nessman


Simon sure looks like a British prince (at least to me), the November born Canadian supermodel from Courtenay, British Columbia sure knocks the best out of ‘sexy’. Attractive and good looking, nobody would best fit this number 7 slot better than our sexy Simon.

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8.  Jon Kortajarena


Jon Kortajarena


Jon Kortajarena Redruello, the 19 May 1985 born Spanish model  and actor has landed advertising campaigns for a long list of the big ballers of the fashion industry including Just Cavalli, Versace, Giorgio Armani, Bally, Etro, Trussardi, Diesel, Mangano, Lagerfeld, Pepe Jeans but notably H&M, Zara, Guess and Tom Ford for his consecutive seasons with the brands.  ,Forbes ranked Jon Kortajarena 8th in The World’s 10 Most Successful Male Models in June 2009.

9.  Nick Bateman


Nick Bateman


When you ask several ladies if they would love to marry nick Bateman, you would get a lot teary ‘yes I will’, not only is this Canadian model and actor quite sexy and hot to look upon, but yes, his account is sexy as well, all thanks to acting, production and the fat modeling checks to his name.

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10.  Marlon Teixeira


Marlon Teixeira


Well known for being the face of many sweet and well known brands, Marlon is a cute male model and sure bags this number ten being one of the sexiest creatures one could every set one’s eyes on.