Top 10 Amazing Animal

Cross-Breed You Would Like to See


crossbreed or crossbred could be simply referred to as an organism (usually an animal) with purebred of parent from two different breeds, varieties, or populations. This is usually carried out through a process known as Crossbreeding.

According to our biological studies, Cross-breed or hybrid refers to the mating between two plants or animals belonging to different species, genera, varieties or breed. This leads to a sexual reproduction in which the offspring produced has the characteristics of both the male and the female. The process of hybridization can only be successful if the genes of both the species are same. This will allow the combining genes to form an embryo. Most of the hybrid animals are cross bred in-line with genetically research or merely curiosity.

Crossbreeding which is seldom called “designer crossbreeding”,simply entails the process of breeding different species, race or classes of an Animal, with the intention to create offspring that share the traits of both parent lineages, or producing an organism with an hybrid vigor. Crossbreeding is most often used to maintain health and viability of organisms, likewise irresponsible crossbreeding leads to the production of organisms of inferior quality or dilute the gene of a purebred to the point of extinction of a given breed of organism

Cognizance should be given to the fact that this phenomenon does not occur naturally. It so happens when the animals are brought together in captivity and must be ensured that the mating partner for the same species is not present.

Under-listed below are the 10 amazing Animal cross-breed you will like to know.



This simply refers to an hybrid between a wolf and a domestic dog. The combination of these genes results into the production of animals which are very fierce and weird. Although Wolfdogs have been around for quite a long time but most people can hardly distinguish between them. In fact researches shows they’ve been in existence for more than 10,000 years ago. At Present, this breed is most often used for security purposes such as military dogs or simply companion dogs.

Famous examples includes the Czechoslovakian wolf and the German Shepherd and a host of others.





Zonkey is a hybrid which involves the coming together of a donkey and a zebra. The first cross breeding could be dated to 1973, when a donkeys and zebras were mated within the Jerusalem zoo to create a breed that would be immune to diseases, and which would later be used as a draft animal. Presently, Zonkey are mostly being bred in Africa so that they can be used for trekking in some of the African countries.

Given due regard to the genetically trait of both parent’s breed, Zonkeys were very successful because they were resistant to several diseases that are common in that area.




The hybrid between a Tigress and a male lion leads to the sexual production of an animal called Liger. A liger may only exist when it is in captivity. Liger tends to be larger in size than both parents. It is also bigger than a Tigon. In fact, a Liger is the biggest known cat in the whole world with a maximum length of 3.5 meters.

This hybrid has been in existence since the 18th century

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A leopon refers to an hybrid between a lioness and a male leopard. The head of a typical Leopon resembles that of a lion; however, the remaining part of its body looks more similar to that of a leopard. A Leopon looks similar to a liger. The mating between the Lioness and a Male Leopard can only be carried out in a high tight secured cage.




A Tigon hybrid refers to the resulted offspring of mating between a male Tiger and a lioness. It is to be noted that the mane of a male tigon is relatively shorter than the mane of a lion. Its mane does not grow long because there are growth inhibitory genes that the species inherits from its mother. Another rare hybrid is the second-generation Tigon which is mostly called the Litigon. Its first appearance was in Alipore, India in the year 1971.In the said zoo, a female Tigon was mated with an Asiatic lion. This cross-breeding was carried out several times before the female Tigon gave birth to seven Litigons.

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A zorse refers to a produce between a Horse and a Zebra. A Zorse is also part of a wider category of hybrids known as Zebroids. These includes Zonkey, Zebrule, and Zedonk. A second generation offspringis practically impossible because the species are sterile. The breeding of the Zorse could be dated back to the 19th century mainly for practical use. During the war in South Africa, ponies and Zebras were mated to produce an optimized animal that would be best for transport.

The mating was carried out given due consideration to the fact that zebras are immune to sleeping sickness whereas ponies do not have such qualities.




The Savannah cat is a hybrid between a domestic cat and a Serval. This refers to the closest species to the domestic wild cat. It is a breed of an African wild cat and a normal cat. The F1 male cat is the largest species of this kind. In behavior, the Savannah cat seems to be more similar to a dog. This cat can be trained to carry out certain acts such as walking on a leash and fetching objects.

It is a social animal and is usually friendly to new people. It also possesses rather astonishing jumping abilities. They are also not afraid of the water.




This refers to a hybrid between a male false killer whale and a female bottlenose Dolphin.This is a very rare hybrid which was first recorded in Tokyo. However, the species could not survive for more than 200 days. It is a fertile species and can reproduce.




Of all hybrids this stands out because it is a natural pig breed that has descended from the wild boar. In specific terms, it is a cross between a European wild boar and a Hungarian pig. It possess a hairy fleece.

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This is simply hybrid between a polar bear and a grizzly bear. This hybrid was first recorded in 2006. The occurrence of this hybrid in natural environments is an issue of amazement to scientist and is still the topic of research.