Top 10 Famous War Horses in History

1.  Sergeant Reckless


Sergeant Reckless


Sergeant Reckless is the most famous war horse ever in the history. Mongolian breed owned by US military, trained by the US Marine Crops after being bought in 1952 in the United States. Reckless was excessively famous because as a result of her intelligence. Reckless was also well known in a battle of Outpost Vegas in 1953 when she made 51 solo trips in one day. She received the sergeant title in 1954, she died in 1968.

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2.  Comanche




Comanche who got his name as a result of extremity of his bravery in battle against Comanche was one of the few horses given military funerals. Owned by the US Army, well known for the survivor of the Battle of Little Bighorn, bought in 1868 by the army, Captain Myles Keogh of 7th Cavalry rode on Comanche the horse and he proved himself in Battle of Little Bighorn in the year 1876 after he carried Keogh without any other survivor. Comanche died in 1891.

3.  Cincinnati




Cincinnati was one of the three war horses owned by the American Civil War General and later President Ulysses S. Grant. Being an offspring of Lexington, Cincinnati was one of the fastest horses in America at the time. Admired and used for travels by Abraham Lincoln. The horse died in Maryland in the year 1878.

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4.  Copenhagen




The very famous horse of Duke of Wellington “Lord Arthur Wellesley. Born in 1808, bred by General Grosvenor. Named Copenhagen to celebrate a victory of British In the second battle of Copenhagen. Copenhagen was possessed by Lord Wellington in 1813; he carried his master in so many campaigns and also took part in many horse races. He was also with the general in the Battle of Waterloo, where defeated Napoleon Bonaparte. Copenhagen retired soon after the battle and he spent the later years at the stable of the Duke before passing away on 12 February 1836.

5.  Palomo




Palomo was the stallion of Simon Bolivar, the liberator of Latin America. The white horse which has a long tail was presented as a gift to Simon Bolivar by a woman Casilda, who was very happy to gift her cherished possession to the general. This adorable horse died after a long march. Palomo’s shoes are displayed at the Museum of Mulalo till date.


6.  Marengo




Owned by the former French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, an Egyptian breed which was exported to France in 1799. Marengo was known to always carrying his master safely from the battle field. Marengo was taken to several battles including Waterloo in 1815 unfortunately Marengo’s master was conquered in this fight against the British forces. Marengo died in England in 1831 after its master was captured. The skeleton of Napoleon horse is displayed till date at the National Army Museum in Chelsea.

7.  Kasztanka




The famous horse of Marshal Jozef Pilsudski, the hero of Polish war. Previously owned by Ludwik Popiel, kasztanka was purchased by Pilsudski in 1914 and renamed “Kasztanka” which means (Chestnut in Polish). Kasztanka died on 23 November 1927 with history of taking part in many battles including (World War 1) with her master.

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8.  Traveler




Traveler formerly known as Greenbrier was an American gray Saddle bred which was born in 1857 became the favorite horse of General Robert E.Lee (the commanding officer of the Confederate Army during American Civil War) in 1862 after he had purchased it personally. Traveler was popularly referenced because of his special qualities extra strength, speed, and undeterred courage in even at war fronts. The horse, Traveler after accompanying its master to several battles died from “Tetanus” in the year 1871 when no treatment had been known to treat the deadly disease.

9.  Bucephalus




Bucephalus is the favorite stallion one of Alexander The Great, If you are familiar with the story of  the greatest warrior known as ”Alexander The Great” , then you should be fascinated about his horse which was regarded also as the first celebrity horse in history. Having begotten by its owner at the age of 13, the horse stood with its 13yr old master in major fights which includes “Battle of Hydaspes”. Alexander the great however built a city “Bucephalus” as a sign of tribute to his favorite horse.

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10.  Chetak




Chetak the horse whom due to its blue ting found around its coat was majorly called “Blue Horse”. Chetak was the horse of king of Rajputs; Maharana Pratap of North India. This horse was known to have been killed in Haldighati battle particularly on the 21st day of June in 1576 as a result of injury sustained during the Mughals and the Rajputs fight.