World’s Top 10 Best Sandboarding Destinations

When winter goes by you end up losing the ability to do certain things without traveling. Snowboarding is one of these things. However there is a substitute to the winter blues. During the summer go sandboarding. That is right, sandboarding. So when you want to go boarding during the summer, go to the beach. However some places are better than others for sandboarding, and here are the 10 best sandbaording destinations.

1.  Peru




Peru is the ideal country for sandboarding. It has many locations, all in which are high sand dunes. In fact the largest sand dune, Duna Grande in Ica, is located here in Peru. It is best for sandboarding, however it is recommended you have some experience, as most of these dunes are steep and hard to control yourself on.

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2.  Vietnam




When you think of sand, Vietnam is not the first country you think of. However, this doesn’t mean that Vietnam is not a place where one can’t sandboard, in fact it is one of the greatest places to sandboard. In fact it has a sandboarding culture. Mui Ne dunes has people who have made sandboarding their life. However locals get violent without tips, so traveling with friends is advised.

3.  Japan




There is much to do in the land of the rising sun, and sandboarding is one of these things. The Tattori Sand dune is the largest sand dune in Japan, and while there, local companies, from April to November, will help you learn how to sandboard.

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4.  Australia




Being a place with a lot of sand, it is no surprise that Australia would have some sandboarding places. Some of these locations include Kangaroo Island and Lucky Bay sand dunes. There are sandbaording tours held by experts, in which they will guide you for sandboarding almost everyday of the year.

5.  Nicaragua




Nicaragua is unique when it comes to sandboarding. Why? Because the best sandboarding there is in fact a young active volcano. To sandboard here, you must first climb up the volcano(with the help of a guide) then you can begin to sandboard on a volcano.

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6.  Chile




In chile there is a place that is great place for sandboarding. It is known as the Atacama desert. Sandboarding is so popular, that they hold tournaments in which people sandboard against each other.

7.  United Arab Emirates


United Arab Emirates


Dubai is amazing in many things and offers many things to do, sandboarding is one of them. The desert in Dubai is a perfect spot for sandboarding and the region also has a turned  this sport which include professional help in order to make sure that you can enjoy your time sandboarding there.

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8.  Namibia




Namibia holds the largest sand dune in the world, Sossusvlei. So the question is why not come here to sandboard? Not only does Namibia have Sossusvlei, but it also has Swakopmund and Walvis Bay. Sandboarding is such a major thing here that they actually have adventure sports companies in order to help travelers enjoy their time sandboarding.

9.  United States Of America


United States Of America


The United States has plenty of deserts in which one can sandboard when they are bored. The largest area for sandboarding in the United States is Florence to Coos Bay.

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10.  Egypt




First on the list is the birthplace of sandboarding in general. It is rumored that a phaorah used to sandboard while he was alive. However there is no real evidence for this. When it comes to sandboarding egypt is a great place, seeing as there is ton of sand around.